EventGuide is your personal electronic secretary

EventGuide is your personal electronic secretary that will help you to put in good order important events, birthdays and will also inform you about the forthcoming arrangements in time. A simple and convenient program offers several options that allow you to categorize events, set the date and time of reminding, make notes about the forthcoming event, create new categories and edit the existing ones. Horoscope option offers two traditional horoscopes - Zodiac and Chinese - to those keen on astrology. Life won't pass you by with EventGuide!

Key features of the program include:

  • Personal electronic event secretary
  • "Horoscope" built-in utility with a detailed description, which comprises 2 traditional horoscopes; Western Zodiac and Chinese
  • Easy and fast determination of a horoscope sign by the date of birth
  • Event sorting by date, time, and category
  • Possibility of alarm and prealarm setting for any event
  • Built-in icons database
  • All screen resolutions support



EventGuide 1.0